Our Stories

Students and alumni of Rogers State University share their personal stories and why they chose RSU for their college degree.

Scholarships Make a Difference

In conjunction with the RSU Foundation's Scholarship Fundraising Breakfast in Bartlesville, students shared their stories about the impact RSU scholarships make in their lives. More than 1/3 of RSU students in recent years have been able to earn diplomas without taking on student debt, thanks to scholarships and financial aid packages.


Kelsey Ogg
Class of 2014 | A.A.S., Nursing

Registered Nurse at St. Francis Pediatric ER

"My training through the RSU Nursing Program was intense. It's a very tough program to get into and stay in. However, it prepared me for my first day on the job - I actually knew how to do things."


Philip Jackson
Class of 2014 | B.A., Public Administration

Consultant at New Valley Forge Partners LLC

"As a political consultant, my career revolves around writing for different kinds of media, press releases, Facebook posts, or position papers. Everything I learned at RSU helps me with what I'm doing now."


Fredaricka Elliott
Freshman | Durham, NC

"I had to work two jobs on top of classes and homework to be able to afford school without student loans. I received financial assistance from the RSU Foundation which helps me reach for my goal of graduating from college debt free."


Corina Lozcano
Sophomore | Bartlesville, OK | A.A.S., Nursing

"Working two jobs while going to school and raising a family is hard work. My scholarship from ConocoPhillips allows me to spend more time with my kids and more time studying."


Bryce Hall
Senior | Salina, OK | B.S., Business Administration

"I'm considering the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program at a campus I already enjoy being on and know a lot of the professors and students. The MBA program here at RSU will be a lot like the bachelors programs because the class sizes will be small where you can have personal relationships with the professors while earning a graduate degree."


Cheyenne Morgan
Sophomore | Chouteau, OK | A.A.S., Nursing

"Attending RSU Pryor saves me time and money. Having a campus close to home means I have more time to study. Everything I need to start my degree is at RSU Pryor."


Chad Upton
Class of 2012 | B.S., Social Science - Psychology

Owner of Chad Lewis Designs

"The ability to continue working in the jewelry business while going to class really helped me out. RSU Bartlesville was literally a block away from my job. The downtown location is great, but I also liked the class size being a little smaller. I'll run into my professors years later and they'll still remember my name."


Emily Due
Class of 2015 | Pryor, OK | B.S., Social Science - Psychology

"I am very happy that I decided to come here. RSU's motto is "It's personal" and I really feel like it is personal because all of the teachers are really interactive with their students. You can go talk to them and they they genuinely care about you and are concerned with problems you might have."

Zack Stoycoff
Class of 2011 | B.A., Liberal Arts

Communications Manager at Tulsa Regional Chamber

"What Rogers State did for me in addition to my education was give hands on experience. I know people that are still looking for that career job. I found a career right out of Rogers State. Bottom line, you get the education that you would receive at any larger university, just for less money and you can't really argue with that."


Jarred Brown
Junior | Ramona, OK | B.S., Elementary Education

"I'm earning my degree without student loans and I'm going to graduate debt free. It's going to be pretty amazing to think about because, when I get that first job, my full paycheck will go straight to me."