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Two Tracks, One Goal: Move up to Leadership


The Master of Public Administration degree program grooms students to become leaders in public administration, including government management or nonprofit management. This is an ethics-based professional program paired with practical management and leadership knowledge. Faculty are experienced practitioners and students complete their research project during an internship with a government or nonprofit organization. Scholarships are available.

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Track 1:

Government Management

Do you feel called to make a difference in government?  Are you interested in how American government works? Do you want to make America stronger for future generations?

The MPA in Government Management equips you to make wise, efficient decisions about government, politics and policy. 

The MPA in Government Management grooms students to become leaders, and is centered on the Christian worldview which will strengthen your Christian walk. Students progress through practical public administration courses and are mentored by experienced practitioners as they complete their research project with a government agency. 

If you want to make a difference in our nation—this is your degree! 

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Track 2

Nonprofit Management

Are you burdened to start a ministry? 

Do you feel called to help people?  

Do you want to lead for change in your community?

If so, the MPA—Nonprofit Management is for you! You may already have a heart for helping others, but the MPA will equip you with practical leadership skills to do so effectively and efficiently. 

The MPA—Nonprofit Management prepares students to manage and lead nonprofit ministries by taking practical courses and being mentored by experienced ministry practitioners as they complete their research project with a nonprofit organization. 


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For More Information

To learn more about either track of the MPA program, simply click the link above, or contact Dr. Paulette Jones at or 405-912-9020.