M.A. in Ministry
Program Details

All courses can be completed without leaving your career position. Master of Arts in Ministry courses may only be completed online. A list of the available courses is published prior to the beginning of each semester. Course schedules are organized for two annual semesters (January-June, July-December). Each semester three eight-week sessions.

A new cohort begins every semester. The schedule is organized so a cohort may complete the Master’s Degree in two years by completing the core courses and electives in a standardized schedule. A student who completes an average of six hours every six months can graduate with a Master of Ministry degree in approximately three years. 

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a Master of Arts in Ministry degree the student must achieve the following:

1. Complete 36 semester hours acceptable to the University, including one of these options:

Thesis option

  • 3 Orientation/Immersion hours
  • 12 required core hours
  • 15 elective hours
  • 6 Thesis research hours

Non-thesis option

  • 3 Orientation/Immersion hours
  • 12 required core hours
  • 18 elective hours
  • 3 Summative Project hours

2. Grade requirement: Earn a GPA of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale) in all coursework. (If the student earns less than a C on a required course, the student must retake the class.  If the course is an elective, it is the student’s choice to retake the course. A student who makes a ‘C’ grade and desires to repeat a course may do so, but the credit hours will only be counted once. Grade points will be given for the repeated course on the regular basis.)

3. Complete a minimum of 50% of the required credit hours (and all of the core courses) at Randall University.

4. Satisfy all financial obligations to the University and be in good standing with the University.

5. Graduation preparation

  • Submit an Intent to Graduate form by mid-term of the last semester before graduation and pay the nonrefundable Graduation Fee.
  • Participate in Commencement Exercises unless excused by the Academic Affairs Committee.


Visit our Academic Catalog for more detailed program requirements and course listings. 


For more information about the Master of Arts in Ministry, or any of our masters degree programs, please contact graduate@ru.edu or 405.912.9007. 

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the program will gain:

Spiritual Abilities

  • Understand and maintain a core devotion to God that will equip and sustain the graduate for any calling.
  • Disciple and mentor others in spiritual activities.

Intellectual Abilities

  • Conduct academic research and writing which reflects a significant level of understanding, critical thinking, and philosophical reflection.
  • Understand key concepts of the Christian faith, including revelation, inspiration, soteriology, ecclesiology, eschatology, and other critical doctrines.
  • Integrate theology, philosophy, and culture to develop and maintain a Biblical worldview.

Ministry Abilities

  • Articulate key concepts of the Christian faith, including revelation, inspiration, soteriology, ecclesiology, eschatology, and other critical doctrines in sermons, lessons, and evangelistic presentations, and daily conversations.
  • Provide effective leadership to congregations, organizations, teams and coalitions in all types of God-glorifying activities, including works of evangelism and benevolence.