Alternative Education Courses


Randall University now offers education courses to help alternative and emergency certified teachers complete the Oklahoma State Department of Education requirements to receive an Oklahoma certification.  

Courses available both online and on campus! 

No program or admission fees required!


Required Courses

Students must complete 6 hours of required courses (offered over 8 weeks online or 16 weeks on campus):

Instructional Design

Learn to teach the fundamentals of instructional design, including the principles of learning theory, and instructional strategies that are relevant to a classroom setting.  Included are the evaluation of professional materials, the development of teaching units, and the study of pedagogy.

Classroom Management

Teacher candidates learn techniques of classroom management to effectively deal with concerns related to behavior, time, materials, rapport, and rules. This course includes techniques of classroom management related to concerns such as behavioral strategies, time and materials, rapport, and rules formation.

Additional Courses

Eight (8) hours of additional courses are also offered:

Educational Psychology

Study of the application of psychological principles to learning and behavior.

Literacy in Primary Grades (Elementary focus only)

Designed for prospective elementary teachers to focus on research-based concepts of language and literacy learning.

Secondary Teaching Methods (Secondary focus only)

Prospective secondary teachers focus on the teaching of their subject matter with a concentration on research and classroom application.

Exceptional Child (optional additional course)

Characteristics of the exceptional child are identified, as well as resources in the community, and the federally mandated policies and procedures for educating children with exceptionalities.


Tuition = $225 per credit hour,

Book/material fees = $210

All other fees waived.

Total = $1560 (for 6 required hours) if paid in full by August 24, 2018.

Otherwise, the total is $2010 for 6 required hours ($300 tuition per credit hour, plus $210 for books/materials) if paid out over Fall 2018 semester.

Register Today!

To register for a course, or for admissions or financial questions, please contact:

Bobby Thompson
Director of Admissions   

For education-related questions, contact:

Julie Curry
Chair, School of Education