Christian Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship 

A major emphasis at Randall University is Christian Ministry preparation. It is our desire to equip young men and women to make a difference in the Kingdom. Therefore, beginning in the Fall 2017, Christian Ministry majors will be eligible for a full tuition scholarship (does not include books, fees, room, and board—see below). The value of the scholarship at today's costs is over $40,000. 




This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Christian Ministry who meet the following qualifications:

  1. This scholarship is exclusive to all other scholarships at Randall (this scholarship is not stackable with other institutional scholarships).

  2. Students must maintain no less than a 2.75 GPA to continue to be eligible for the scholarship.

  3. Students must continue in the School of Christian Ministry in order to be eligible for the scholarship (this does not include Multidisciplinary degrees).

  4. Recipients who do not continue in the School of Christian Ministry are not eligible for other institutional scholarships after the add/drop date in the term following completing 60 hours.

  5. Students must fulfill all state and federal financial aid filings (FAFSA, etc.) and meet all verification requirements. This scholarship will be posted after all state and federal aid and will be reduced so that student does not receive a refund (Loans will be excluded from this reduction process. Students will receive refunds created by loans.).

  6. Recipients will be required to represent RU in five nonRU stipend ministry events (as approved and assigned by the Executive Vice President) each semester.

  7. Recipients’ pastor must complete and sign the Student in Ministry Verification Form each year.


Apply to Randall University

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View and download Christian Ministry Scholarship Application

View and download Christian Ministry Verification Form
(to be completed by minister)

Donate to the Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund


For More Information:

Contact the Admissions Office at 405-912-9007 or


For Traditional Undergraduate Christian Ministry Majors (annual costs):

& Board:


& Fees:





For Online Christian Ministry Majors (costs per semester after full tuition scholarship is applied):

Credit Hrs Net Cost
15 $2,300
14 $2,180
13 $2,060
12 $1,940
11 $1,820
10 $1,700
9 $1,580
8 $1,460
7 $1,340
6 $1,000 
5 $775 
4 $665 
3 $535 
2 $415 
1 $295 

Costs above based on fees for the 2017-2018 Academic Year