Meet the Cuba Mission Team

The team is receiving training and discipleship through an organization called CultureLink, as they prepare for their trip on July 17-24, 2017. Each team member is responsible for raising $1900 for the trip. The information below introduces you to the team members, shares some ways that you can pray for them, and also provides an opportunity for you to support specific team members (or the team in general) through financial gifts. We appreciate your help in sending the 2017 team to Cuba!

Joshua Hein

I hope to help people with what ever needs they might have, to encourage them to grow closer to God, and follow him more completely. To be a blessing in peoples lives both physically and spiritually and to be a sign post pointing every one to God.

Pray that God will provide all the funds necessary for our team. Pray also that we will be sheltered under the wings of God for the duration of the trip and that God will prepare the hearts of those he wants us to minister to. 

Tina Laws

Frances Wade and I have often voiced a desire to go on an overseas mission trip. When I heard about the Cuba trip, I felt like this was the Lord giving me an opportunity to experience being involved in a trip to another country.

My greatest hope is that as a team we will allow the Lord to use us to present the gospel to those we come in contact with in such a way that they will accept the Lord as their Savior. I am praying that they will know my Savior as I do and realize how much He loves them.

Jordyn McAfee

I am excited to be a part of this trip because it will give me the chance to help people who are less fortunate come to see the love and power of our God.

My greatest hope for this mission trip is that it might give me an experience and knowledge that I can then take with me on future mission trips. Also, that it will open doors for me as I try to become a doctor and be able to help people both physically and spiritually.

J. Myers

As a Randall alum and now Resident-Cross-Cultural-Worker, I have a deep desire to empower students to engage people cross-culturally with grace and truth. I also desire that our students experience their brothers and sisters in the global church.

Ask that the Father would unify and build our team as we diligently prepare over the next four months.  Pray that He would show us how we can partner with the Cuban church in areas they identify as needs. 

Natalie Rayos

My hope is that we can be of real value to the people of Cuba, from an eternal perspective and not just a temporal one. 

Please pray that God will prepare our hearts, by giving us a love and compassion for the Cuban people and children we will be working with. Pray for wisdom so we will know how and when to share about Jesus. Lastly, pray that He will prepare our bodies, so we won't be distracted by pain or sickness or other attacks from the enemy. 

Frances Wade

For over two years, I've had a desire to go and minister to the people of Cuba. Because of my experiences working with immigrants and refugees, my heart breaks when people have been oppressed for economic, physical, or spiritual reasons.

Pray that we will prepare physically, emotionally, mentally, and most of all spiritually for this experience. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of those to whom we will minister. Pray for God’s will to be done throughout this trip.