Chapel at Randall

Chapel services are held on Randall's campus throughout the semester on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:40am. All are welcome to attend. To see a schedule of upcoming chapel events and speakers, visit our online college calendar

Below you will find audio recordings from some of our chapel gatherings. We have posted them here as resources for you to enjoy. Stay tuned...more recordings will be added soon!

Recent Media

John Weaver SERIES John Weaver

We're always excited to have John Weaver speak at Randall! Please…

Mitch Wagner SERIES Mitch Wagner

You'll want to hear this message from RU student, Mitch Wagner.…

Jason Nichols SERIES Jason Nichols

We hope you'll enjoy this message from Pastor Jason Nichols,…

Bob Thompson SERIES Bob Thompson

We are so grateful for every opportunity to hear from our own…


2016-2017 Chapel Series

Please enjoy listening to these messages from our regular chapel services. Excellent speakers on a variety of topics. We hope you'll enjoy!

2015-2016 Chapel Series

Missed a chapel session? Or enjoyed it so much that you want to listen again? We've got you covered! Enjoy these recent chapel messages!

2014-2015 Chapel Series

Straight to your ears from our campus! Hear gifted speakers on engaging topics, and be encouraged & challenged in your journey of faith.