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Thursday, December 1
Chapel Speaker: Revive

Tuesday, December 6

Thursday, December 8

Christmas Break: 
December 10—January 16

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Upcoming Events

Sports, Ministry Teams, & more!

Revive Ministry Team

12/3-4 First FWB Church of Pryor in Pryor, OK


Men's Basketball 

12/2 7:30 pm vs. Ozark Christian College (home)

12/3 6:00 pm vs. University of Arkansas (Fort Smith) in Fort Smith, AR

12/8 7:30 pm vs. Trinity Bible     College (home)

12/9 7:30 pm vs. Oklahoma City University (home)

12/13 7:00 pm vs. Rogers State   University in Claremore, OK

12/14 7:00 pm vs. Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX

12/17 3:00 pm vs. Northwestern Oklahoma State University (home)

12/19 6:30 pm vs. Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX

12/31 4:00 pm vs. Southwestern Oklahoma State University in       Weatherford, OK

See full season schedule here.


Women's Basketball

12/2 5:30 pm vs. Ozark Christian College (home)

12/9 TBD vs. Trinity Bible College (home)

12/10 TBD vs. Central Christian College (home)

12/16 5:00 pm vs. Silver Lake College in Grand Rapids, MI

12/17 Grace Bible College Classic in Grand Rapids, MI

See full season schedule here.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe until we see you again. 

- Randall University Staff

Activities on Campus


Congratulations to our Lady Saints!

On November 5, 2016, our women's volleyball team earned the title of NCCAA Southwest Regional Champions for the first time in our school's history! Recently the team traveled to Joplin, MO for the ACCA National Tournament and won there as well! After these two big wins they went to the NCCAA National Tournament in Kissimmee, FL. This is very exciting for our volleyball program and for our institution. There has been a lot of traveling involved, but also a lot of winning! Way to go, Lady Saints!

Give Blood, Save Lives

On December 1, we will be hosting a blood drive for the Oklahoma Blood Institute in Lee Lobby in the Barber Center. This is a great way for you to help people in need. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Denny Kuhn at Either sign up beforehand or just stop by the registration table anytime between 8:30 am-2:00 pm.

If you are straddling the fence on whether to give blood or not, take a look at this inspirational video found here!

Christmas Time is Coming


As the month of December is now upon us and the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, it is time for us to finish out the Fall semester and begin looking towards the Winter break. These next few weeks are often seen as busy and festive, and at times almost overwhelming. Just like you probably are, many of your classmates and professors are scheduled to travel from one place to another visiting family and friends throughout the holidays. Not only do we experience high levels of stress and the hectic pressure of traveling today, but this was also felt back in the Bible days.

We read in chapter two of Luke's gospel that Caesar Augustus sent out a decree that everyone should go through a new registering process. Unfortunately this system made it to where people couldn't just check in from anywhere, instead they had to register in their hometown. For Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, this meant that he had to take his pregnant wife and himself, leave Nazareth and head to Bethlehem. This was a big deal because they had to travel about 111 kilometers, which is the equivalent of 69 miles. For us today, this would take about an hour on the interstate, but for them a journey of this magnitude took much longer and was more strenuous.  

We know the rest of the story.  When they finally arrived in Bethlehem there was no where to stay except for a measly stable--a place designed for animals. This was such an inadequate scene for a king to be born in, but it was the place that the king was born, and not just any king, but the future Savior of the world.

They called him Jesus, and on that night the prophesy that was delivered back in Micah 5:2 was finally fulfilled. This was only the first prophesy fulfilled. Throughout Jesus' life there were many more prophecies fulfilled, and there are still more to come. The message we must remember now is that the "Christmas" that we celebrate is focused on Jesus' first coming, but there is a second coming that was promised and that we are getting ever closer to. Because of this, we must make sure that we are ready and waiting not only for presents on Christmas morning, but for that day coming as well.

- Mason Polk