Chapel Services

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:40am 

Tuesday, November 1
Chapel Speaker: Allen Hood

Thursday, November 3
Chapel Speaker: Bob Thompson

Tuesday, November 8
Chapel Speaker: Dr. Ledbetter 

Thursday, November 10
Chapel Speaker: Jason Myers

Tuesday, November 15
Chapel Speaker: John Weaver

Thursday, November 17
Chapel Speaker: Matt Blair

Tuesday, November 22
Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 24
Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 29
Chapel Speaker: John Weaver

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Upcoming Events

Sports, Ministry Teams, & more!

Revive Ministry Team

11/6 Bixby FWB Church in Bixby, OK

11/13 Southern Oaks FWB Church in Oklahoma City, OK

Men's Soccer 

11/3-5 NCCAA Southwestern Region Tournament in Manhattan, KS

11/9-12 ACCA National Tournament in Joplin, MO

11/14-18 NCCAA National Tournament in Kissimmee, FL

Women's Soccer

11/3-5 NCCAA Southwestern Region Tournament in Manhattan, KS

11/14-18 NCCAA National Tournament in Kissimmee, FL

Women's Volleyball

11/4-5 NCCAA Southwest Region Tournament in Moore, OK

11/10-12 ACCA National Tournament in Joplin, MO

11/18-19 NCCAA National Tournament in Kissimmee, FL

Men's Basketball

See full season schedule here.

Women's Basketball

See full season schedule here.

Activities on Campus


New Revive Group

Each year the University selects a group of students to be a part of a traveling ministry team that goes to different churches who support us.  This year's team is made up of five students. Returning to Revive for her second year is Taryn Puckett from Sugarland, Texas. Taryn is serving as the Student Director. Another member returning is Kennedy Barnett from Citronelle, Alabama.  There are three young men traveling with Revive as well. They are Josh Sloan from Bixby, Oklahoma; Bryce Gordon from Sayre, Oklahoma; and Tyler Burke from Castle Rock, Colorado.  

Thank you Revive for all you do in supporting our institution, we are very proud of the job you are doing. Revive is just another way that Randall University is trying to fulfill its mission of equipping young men and women to serve Christ.

Management and Ethics Conference

The Management & Ethics Conference is presented by the Public Administration and Business Departments of Randall University and is open to public administrators and those who work in government, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations. The purpose is to equip participants with skills, education, and training for the 21st century. Register now to attend the conference on November 4, 8am-4pm.

Campus Days

Our first Campus Days event of the year is taking place soon! On November 13-14, we are looking forward to high school students coming to our campus for a taste of what Randall University is like on a daily basis. Students will arrive Sunday afternoon to enjoy some fun and fellowship, followed by a chance to attend various classes on campus throughout the day on Monday.

The cost is only $15 dollars to attend. A consent form will need to be filled out and turned in at the beginning of the event. To access the form or learn more about Campus Days, check out this page

If you know of anyone who might be interested in attending Campus Days, please direct them to Lyndsey Braisher in the Admissions Office. You can contact her at or at 405-912-9007.  We look forward to welcoming any future Saints that come to check out Randall University.

Ministry Opportunities Arising

Randall University's goal is to equip our students to make a difference in the world that they are entering upon graduation. One way that we have noticed works well in doing this, is to let our students gain practical experience in the areas that they are studying in class out on the field.

Recently we have started sending out a group of preachers that will be going out once or twice a month to preach in local area churches.  One example of our "preachers in training" is Mitchell Wagner from Carthage, Missouri.  

Mitch Wagner recently preached on the parable of the Good Samaritan at the Skyridge Free Will Baptist Church in Noble, Oklahoma. Other ministerial students who are scheduled to preach soon include Will Ortega, River Chambers, Cary Hayes, and several others.

From Our Vice President of Institutional Advancement

I want to take a moment to remind you of the Randall University Mission Statement.

"Randall University is a Christian institution of higher education committed to the intellectual, spiritual, social, moral, and physical development of its students. It seeks to prepare students to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, both in the church and in society at large."

When our Mission Statement was written, we simply wanted to articulate the mission we began in 1959.  In our first class, in the First FWB Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma, we were developing and preparing our students...which is reflected in the core of our Mission Statement.  Some of those first students are still in our local churches and continue to make a difference for Christ.

A mission statement declares who we are, what we stand for, and why we do what we do. We want our students to be prepared to face an unwelcoming world.  We want them to be successful in whatever vocation they choose.  But more than to have a successful career, we want them to impact the world for Christ.  Our primary mission statement is found in the word of God "Go ye into all the shall be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world."

In Christ, 
Bob Thompson
Vice-President for Institutional Advancement