Chapel Services

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:40am 

Tuesday, October 4 
Chapel Speaker: James Coffelt

Thursday, October 6
Chapel Speaker: Will Harmon

Tuesday, October 11
State Meeting

Thursday, October 13
Chapel Speaker: Gideons

Tuesday, October 18
Chapel Speaker: Ken Mossman

Thursday, October 20
Chapel Speaker: John Weaver

Tuesday, October 25
Chapel Speaker: Jody Blackwell

Thursday, October 27
Chapel Speaker: Bob Thompson

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Upcoming Events

Sports, Ministry Teams, & more!


Revive Ministry Team

10/2 Bethlehem FWB Church in Van Buren, AR

10/9 Kingsview FWB Church in Oklahoma City, OK

10/11 Oklahoma State Meeting at Randall University

10/16 Fellowship FWB Church in McAlester, OK 

10/23 Blackwell FWB Church in Blackwell, OK 

10/28-30 Castle Rock Church in Castle Rock, CO


Men's Soccer 

10/1 7:00 pm @ Ecclesia College in Springdale, AR 

10/3 3:00 pm vs. Dallas Christian (home) 

10/8 2:00 pm vs. BBC (home) 

10/11 4:00 pm vs. CCC  (home)

10/14 4:00 pm vs. Southwest Adventist (home)


Women's Soccer

10/3 1:00 pm vs. Dallas Christian (home)

10/6 3:00 pm @ Manhattan College in Manhattan, KS

10/11 2:00 pm vs Central Christian  (home)

10/18 3:00 pm vs. Manhattan Christian (home)


Women's Volleyball

10/3 7:00 pm @ Mid-America Christian in Oklahoma City, OK

10/7 7:00 pm @ Barclay College in Haviland, KS

10/8 1:00 pm @ University of the  Southwest in Langston, OK

10/8 3:00 pm @ Langston University in Langston, OK

10/14 5:00 pm vs. Arlington Baptist (home) 

10/18 6:00 pm vs. Central Christian (home)

10/21 5:00 pm @ Arlington Baptist in Arlington, TX

10/22 10:00 am @ Richland College in Dallas, TX

10/22 12:00 pm @ Southwestern Christian in Dallas, TX

10/24 6:00 pm vs. Baptist Bible College (home/senior night)

Activities on Campus


The Change is Complete

On July 1, 2016, Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College officially changed it's name to Randall University, a Free Will Baptist College since 1959. The school's new name is deeply rooted in the Free Will Baptist tradition and better reflects our mission as a Christian Liberal Arts College. More on our name change here.

Civil War Seminar

Randall University is hosting a seminar on the Civil War Monday, October 3, at 9 am. Come learn more about this event that cost over 600,000 lives, and left scars on the nation for several decades after. Hear seven expert presentations at this event. The general public is welcomed! Sign up today!

Ministry Matters

On Thursday, October 6, we are having our next meeting for Ministry Matters.  We will meet after chapel at the Oklahoma State office conference room for a time of discussion with Bro. Will Harmon. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Mr. Jim Harris at

Will Harmon is an alum of Randall University, class of 1983.  He has been the Senior Pastor at Cavanaugh Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas for 19 years. Rev. Harmon has a vast knowledge of ministry that will be beneficial for us to learn from.  Join us for a great time of fellowship and reflection.

Management and Ethics Conference

The Management & Ethics Conference is presented by the Public Administration and Business Departments of Randall University and is open to public administrators and those who work in government, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations. The purpose is to equip participants with skills, education, and training for the 21st century. Register now to attend the conference on November 4, 8am-4pm.

A Special Presentation

On August 18, 2016, at the first Convocation of Randall University, Dr. H. David Crowe, the Executive Director of Free Will Baptist North American Ministries and speaker for the gathering, presented to Randall University a pocket watch that was carried by Benjamin Randall, the University's namesake and founder of Free Will Baptists in the Northeastern United States.

President Timothy Eaton, who received the watch on behalf of the University, commented, "We owe a debt of gratitude to David and Kathey Crowe for this priceless gift to the University.  It is a tangible legacy of a great man." A great man indeed.  Benjamin Randall was converted during the Great Awakening as a result of the preaching ministry of George Whitfield.

Randall served in the New Hampshire militia during the American Revolutionary War.  Randall's theological departure from the Calvinistic norm of his era occurred at the point of his conversion. Today Free Will Baptists are known for believing John 3:16 to be literally true, that God's love sent Jesus to die for the sins of humanity so that everyone has the opportunity to respond to saving grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

In a short period of just 28 years, Benjamin Randall's ministry was known for starting 51 churches, plus helping start another 50.  Because of his complete dedication to God and his calling there were over 100 new churches meeting to worship than there was when he started.  This is an outstanding legacy--one that we should strive to live up to.  

You can be proud to know that you are a part of a university that looks up to such a respectable man of God, and that is trying to equip more young men and women to go out and make a difference just as Benjamin Randall did.

Photo Above: Benjamin Randall's pocket watch presented to Randall University by Dr. H. David Crowe.